The web based Human Resource Management System

HRMan is a web-based Human Resource Management System.

It's primary purpose is to Create weekly rosters & daily breaksheets.

Showing only the staff who are available to work on that day or week.

Im doing this as a college project(for the next 2 years at least) and to learn the Ruby programming language.

Hopefully this will result in a good application and my better understanding of programing Ruby.
I came upon the idea in my current workplace(UGC Cinema Dublin, the most busy cinema in Europe),
where managers combined spent about 8 hours each week just doing up weekly & daily rosters.

I guesed that to use a web-based system such as this they could get the same work down to about 30mins each week combined(between & managers). That saves 364 hours a year, and at more than €12 per hour thats €4368 per year saved.
And by making it web-based it can be integrated into the company website allowing managers to work on rosters & breaksheets from home over the Internet.
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